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Why I decided to go natural.

Hey Kings & Queens, can we talk real quick?

Grab a drink and a snack because it is about to get real!! (This is going to be so uber long and I apologise in advance, so I’m going to break this up into segments.)

I’ve been chemical free for 1 year and 6 months. I did the big chop last year. Joining the natural community, I really thought that I would get natural sisters who would encourage me on this journey of re-loving my hair and being natural. I’m not going to lie I did find some amazing people on this journey but along with those amazing people I also found some people that were down right just rude about my hair choice.

For anyone who has seen my natural hair journey video on YouTube, you will recall that one of the first pictures in the day after I cut my hair. My hair was like what 3 inches maybe? As I was cutting my hair I had documented it on my various social outlets. I had some people encouraging me and welcoming me into the natural hair fold. While I also had others telling me that I was going to regret my decision the next day and that I was going to go back to perming my hair. At that point when I had cut my hair I had been 6 months chemical free.

Before I go any further, it would be best if I told you why I decided to cut my hair. In the summer of 2014 I had a Keratin wash done to my hair. The wash helped soften my hair and straighten it out, then in August of 2014 I did my last perm, it was for my going away party. Keratin and perming do not mix. This caused my roots to shrink in on itself, meaning, my roots were extremely curly and coiled whereas the rest of my hair was dead straight. Seeing how damaged my hair was, I then came to the decision to cut it off after my work experience in January of 2015. Cutting my hair was something new to me, especially cutting it to the length it was at. After cutting my hair I decided to dye my hair. this was in April when I decided this. I figured why not take a leaf out of my natural sisters book and try something new. By the time I had dyed my hair, I was in the pre-TWA stage where my hair was long enough to take braids but not weave.

So following my hair dye experiment, I decided to get braids. I felt that it would be best to protect my hair and also to help it grow. So, I got my braids done and  this went on for a few months. As my hair grew, I was able to get weaves done. In my first year as a natural I only got weave done twice. The other times it was either braids or a pick out (where you pick your afro out to make it big). Also in my first year as a natural I dyed my hair twice. The first time in March and the second being in September (I think it was in September or it could have been October).

This is just the beginning of my story and journey. See y’all next week for the second part.

RM xox

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